Locations and Services


Marrickville – Head Office and Distribution

Our processing and trading centre is located in Marrickville which is situated in close proximity to the CBD, Airports and central to most other areas. It is here we ensure the highest standards are met for quality, freshness, nutrition and also to customer requirements and specifications.

Special selection techniques are applied at all times in the initial stages of choosing new materials, whilst the highest quality control standards are enforced throughout the production process.

Marrickville map
38 - 46 Addison Road,
NSW 2204
Sydney, Australia


  • Wholesale
  • Process
  • Distribute
  • Import
  • Export
  • Process and pack to customer’s specifications
  • Portion control specialists
  • Oysters processed on site daily
  • Value adding
  • Offer group buying deals
  • Negotiating with suppliers to ensure the client benefits from the saving
  • Provide a vast range of fresh and frozen products
  • Agents for reputable Branded products
  • National agents to a network of oyster farms
  • Consultancy in product development and menu planning
  • Delivery service 6 days a week
  • Continuity of supply
  • Collaboratively working with Branded Sustainable Partners to develop new products
  • Quality assurance HACCP registered with SGS
  • NSW Food Authority registered
  • AQIS registered for our export clients.
  • Quality Assured and certified both as a processor and distributor
  • Purpose built oyster production and fish processing areas
  • Freezer storage capacity of 650 pallets
  • Ample storage for fresh and dry products
  • Fleet owned modern refrigerated vehicles, fitted with the latest on board temperature controlled monitoring systems
  • Encourage sustainable products and practices.
  • Promotional oyster shucking for your event
  • Ongoing training and product knowledge for upcoming chefs

 Sydney Fish Markets – Wholesale Depot

M&G Seafood Wholesalers are registered buyers and tenants at Sydney Fish markets, buying premium quality seafood direct from local fishermen and aquacultural producers.

We also buy nationally and internationally from accredited and reputable fish suppliers, as well as import our own branded products. Due to our prominent involvement in the distribution network, we have become shareholders in the Sydney Fish Markets. This enables us to contribute to the direction in which it operates.

Pyrmont map
Gipps Street, Pyrmont
NSW 2009 Sydney, Australia


  • Wholesale
  • Import
  • Distribute
  • Supply fish retailers and distributors
  • Registered buyers, tenants and Share holders at the Sydney Fish Markets
  • Direct supply of products from local fisherman
  • Trade with regional fish Co-ops
  • Agents for reputable Global branded seafood
  • Daily inspection of seafood offered on the auction floor
  • Encourage Sustainable products and practices
  • Freezer storage capacity for 600 pallets
  • Quality assurance HACCP registered with SGS
  • NSW Food Authority registered
  • Delivery service 6 days a week
  • Ample storage for fresh and dry products
  • Fleet owned modern refrigerated vehicles, fitted with the latest on board temperature controlled monitoring systems


Van Dieman Seafoods

Van Dieman Seafoods is an acquisition made by the M&G Group of companies in 1996. At the time having dealings with this company and purchasing a substantial amount of crayfish, led to us purchasing it. This enabled us to control quality and ensured we had continual supply.

We process fresh crayfish (live and cooked) and now farm, harvest, pack and supply oysters, tailored to the requirements of our valued customers nationally.

Main Wharf map
Main Wharf
Station Road Dover
7117 Tasmania, Australia

Services & Facilities

  • Wholesale
  • Process
  • Pack
  • Farm
  • Supply live & cooked Crayfish (Lobsters) nationally and internationally
  • Process and pack to meet customer requirements and demand
  • Bait suppliers to all commercial fishermen
  • Fuel suppliers to commercial fishing vessels
  • Live storage tanks
  • Blast freezing facility
  • Process and packing facility
  • Loading and unloading fishing vessels facility
  • Transported with modern refrigerated vehicles
  • Encourage sustainable products and practices

Van Dieman Oyster Farms

The M&G Group of companies again made new acquisitions of oyster leases in Hastings, purchasing a lease and facility in 2009 and also in Dover Bay in 2014. Being the largest and leading oyster processor in NSW, we believed our vast knowledge and passion, could be shared with others providing the best quality product available, grown in the cleanest waters of Tasmania and supplied nationally to other processors and food outlets.

Our experienced crew on board really know how to work the product during the growing stages, and before harvesting occurs, a thorough inspection is carried out to ensure the oysters are at their best before becoming available on the market.




  • Farming with modern practices
  • Supply product nationally
  • Inspect and document product and procedures daily by a Quality Assurance officer and crew
  • Document batch codes, specific location, temperatures, date and time
  • Purchase juvenile oysters (spat) from certified and registered on-growers only
  • Harvest oysters
  • Stringent grading and sorting methods used before packing
  • Pack
  • Dispatch
  • Transport
  • Monitor and control the product during growth to produce the highest quality
  • Modern barges (long flat-bottomed boat) with crane lifting equipment used
  • Sample tests are conducted during growth, after harvest and prior to dispatch
  • Produce product to comply with Australian Standards
  • Encourage sustainable products and practices

Dover map
Dover Bay-Slacks Point
Lease no.66

Hastings map
Tongue Rd Hastings
Lease no. 005 Tasmania