Environmental Policy

  • Provide a seafood market place that excels in the procurement and marketing of a wide range of sustainable seafood products.The operating environment is dominated by Sydney’s growing demand for quality seafood and by local and global concerns for the sustainability of seafood resources and of aquatic environments


  • Promote the availability of products and trade quality seafood that comes from ecologically sustainable wild fisheries and environmental best practice aquaculture


  • Promote and support scientific research into the sustainability of fisheries to protect aquatic habitats and eliminate any undesirable environmental impacts of commercial fishing


  • Actively seeking to minimise water run-off from the site and maximise the recycling of paper, plastics, packaging and fish waste


  • Dedicated to continuous improvement in the prevention of pollution and the environmental sustainability of all its activities


  • Actively promote innovation through chain traceability as part of its commitment to product quality and also provide leadership to the seafood industry in quality assurance. Commitment to accurate and adequate labelling of all products, ensures confidence in both buyers and sellers


  • Through targeted training and communication programs, our company ensures that all employees, contractors, suppliers and customers understand the importance of incorporating environmental best practices into all appropriate business activities. All employees are encouraged to demonstrate commitment to supporting our company environmental policy and initiatives